I thought I’d tell you a little bit about my den, the place I go when I’m exhausted by life in the human world.

You’ll know that us dogs love to have a safe space to retreat to. Somewhere that’s just ours where we can have some time out, watch what’s happening from afar or have a snooze. We need it. We need to know that there’s somewhere we can go where we won’t be disturbed.

I retreated to my den this morning.

I didn’t have to explain myself; I just pottered through the house and lay down in my cosy little safe space. The fact I was there was all the explanation that was needed. I wanted some time out, so I took it.

Nobody bothered me, nobody tried to coax me out, nobody tried to analyse what I was doing or why I was doing it. I was simply allowed to ‘be’.

It was exactly what I needed.

Have you got your own human equivalent of my den? Have you got somewhere you can go when you need a time out?

Think about it this week. When life becomes overwhelming – which is, understandably, happening quite often for many of us at the moment – where can you go to just ‘be’ while you recharge your batteries?

From my den to yours, big love #TeamLuna x

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