I would love for you to start your day with a smile. Actually, not just a smile, as that’s simply not enough for #TeamLuna. I know that it might feel impossible right now, but we can do our best to raise our energy levels and that will help us cope with whatever comes our way this week. Arguably, this is more important to try at the moment than it has ever been.

If you’d seen me earlier today, you’d know that I have started this week with a BANG. Literally. I was chasing my tail and fell over, but still, I know how to start my day with a burst of excitement.

It’s just a tail, I know this. But it’s so easy to let the mundane and familiar stuff pass us by because they’re always there.

What are you doing today that you usually find mundane and uninteresting? I know that you humans do like to complain about the daily chores. I don’t know why, it’s another day that you have to be your awesome self and make the world a better place. What an opportunity!

The feeling of excitement, like any other emotion, begins in your brain. Remember that when you’re excited you’re less likely to be thinking completely rationally. I probably wouldn’t have knocked over the human’s little coffee table this morning if I had been thinking rationally, but where’s the fun in that?

So, if you have something to do today that you’ve been putting off or if there’s something you’ve been overthinking and therefore it hasn’t been completed yet… get excited about it!

In that burst of excitement, you’re much more likely to take action. You have about twenty minutes before your body starts to realise what’s happening and calms you down again (boring). Just think how much better you’ll feel afterwards!

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