Would you like to know one of my (many) secrets to happiness? Yes? I thought so.

It won’t surprise you to read that it’s simple.

After all, us dogs don’t like to overcomplicate things. That’s your job.

Here it is.

As a general rule, I do what I love and I love what I do.


Let’s talk it through. Tell me, what are five of your favourite things to do? This is only being listed in your head, so you don’t have to worry about what people think. Not that you need to worry about that anyway, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Five things. I’m not talking about the big things like holidays, ahh those long days spent on the beach digging holes and wishing you hadn’t lapped up the seawater. I’m talking about the little things that brighten your day.

When I asked the humans in my team, they said things like;

  • drinking tea
  • reading
  • chatting to a friend
  • writing
  • being with dogs – although, why that wasn’t top of the list is something we’ll be discussing at the next team meeting

For me, the list includes;

  • being with my human friends – see, you’re always top of the list for us
  • walkies
  • dismantling tennis balls
  • chasing my tail
  • eating

What’s on your list? What five things make you happy? Now, I have another question for you.

How many of those things do you do every day?

I can honestly say that I do all five of my favourite things every single day. If there aren’t any tennis balls around, I improvise. Now, I know you’ll say ‘yeah, yeah, but you’re a dog, you don’t have responsibilities like I do.’

Firstly, you have no idea how busy us dogs are, but that aside, if the things on your list are the things that make your day better, shouldn’t they be prioritised? Simply taking the time to enjoy a cuppa, read a chapter of a book or write in your journal doesn’t actually take very long at all. It’s worth making the time, surely?

So, #TeamLuna, I urge you to go and find your own metaphorical tennis ball and make your day a fabulous one.



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