I was listening to my human over the weekend. I know, that shouldn’t be news, but what she said upset me.

She walked past me as I was chillaxing on the sofa. She stroked my head and said ‘you’re so beautiful’ as she continued on to the kitchen. She’s not wrong, I’m cute. They were not the words that upset me, obviously.

The human was, I assume, making tea as that’s one of her favourite things to do. She dropped something and it shattered across the kitchen floor. She immediately popped her head around the door and said ‘Luna, stay there or you’ll hurt your paws.’ I didn’t need to be told twice. Last time I stood on something sharp I was forced to visit the thermometer-wielding vet-breed of human who, despite seeing the blood pouring out of my foot, still decided my bum needed some investigation. TMI? Sorry!

Anyway, my human had checked on me and then, I heard her muttering ‘you’re such an idiot’ among other choice words that I don’t think you need to read on a Monday morning.

She’s not an idiot! She just dropped something.

When I was bouncing around the living room a couple of weeks ago, I knocked over one of her mugs. She didn’t call me an idiot. She smiled, tidied it up and said ‘it’s a good job I have a lot of these’ as she gave me a cuddle and put the kettle on for a replacement cuppa.

What’s the difference? Why is it so easy to be kind to dogs and virtually impossible for humans to be kind to themselves?

Let’s try, this week to go easy on ourselves. If something goes wrong take a second and think to yourself; ‘would I say that to my favourite hound?’ My human tells me I’m beautiful every single day. I wonder if she says that to herself?

You might have noticed that us dogs don’t judge you, regardless of how many things you drop, spill or shatter across the kitchen floor. We only care about how kind you are.

Kindness isn’t just about how you treat us and how you treat others, it starts with the way you treat the human you see in the mirror.

Think about that, #TeamLuna and I’m sending big love your way.


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