When the human is teaching me something new, she helps me to focus on what she DOES want me to do and tries really hard not to get grumpy when I forget everything she has taught me.

Now, let’s not worry about whether I have got the hang of not jumping up at my favourite humans and keeping all four paws on the floor (I haven’t) and just worry about how she tries to teach me what I should be doing.

That’s the secret, right there. She focuses on what I should be doing, on what she DOES want me to do and then I get loads of love and treats when I get it right. The theory is that I’ll do it more often because good things happen but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

You can’t help yourself either.

I’m not saying that you jump all over your favourite humans when you see them (if you do, I salute you) but I’m guessing that you don’t always focus on what you DO want.

You have complete control over your mind. You have the power to shift your focus. You can do it now. Try it.

Think about your dream home, the one you would buy if you could, the one with land for lots more dogs – see, I know what you’re thinking! How do you feel reaching for the keys and opening your new front door? How do you feel as you walk around, knowing your dream has come true?

In a second, you have shifted your focus and hopefully lost yourself in that moment, feeling how incredible it would be to live in your dream home. You have the power to shift your focus whenever you choose to.

I know it’s easy to repeat old patters, to feel the same feelings and think the same thoughts. If those feelings and thoughts make you feel fabulous then that’s perfect, but if they don’t, maybe it’s time to change those patterns?

Think about five things that make you smile. There’s at least one dog on the list, yes? Now, if you find yourself following an old pattern and feeling sad or grumpy, you have the power to change that. Just like me, when I’m jumping up, there’s no point my human telling me to stop it, I’m so entrenched in my old pattern that I can’t hear her. You can focus on the thing that makes you happy and brings you the reward of a smile and feeling fabulous… and maybe a treat, after all, you have the power there too!

Have a fabulous week #TeamLuna x