I’ve been having my usual adventures. You know, living the canine dream. Racing around the fields, the woods and anywhere else with enough space for zoomies.

It’s an amazing feeling when we get to the edge of green. I sit down, look up at my human and she unclips my lead. One simple ‘off you go’ from my human and I was running free.

Happy, happy, happy.

That lead can be restrictive, to say the least. I love walking with my human, but I need my freedom too. Being held back and having a small area to explore when I can see that there’s so much more out there can be more than a little soul destroying.

I’m ready to explore, to innovate, and to embrace my boundless energy.

I’m lucky; I know that my lead is going to be unclipped as soon as I get to the green.

What about yours?

Do you have a (metaphorical) lead that’s holding you back? Is there something you want to do, somewhere you want to go?

What’s stopping you?


Whatever you want to explore or plough your energy into, you can do it.

Unclip the lead!

Big love, #TeamLuna x