How are we all? A bit fed up of walkies being our only lockdown activity? Well, let me share with you why I think it’s really important to keep walkies as part of your daily routine.

Have you been walked by your dog today? If you don’t share your home with a canine bestie, have you been out and walked yourself?

We don’t go walkies just for selfish reasons, you know. It’s all about you really.

Walkies will help spark your creativity. Sitting at a desk is one of the most uninspiring activities you humans get up to. Get outside, fill your lungs with fresh air and move your body.

Once you’re outside, do what I do; mindfulness in action. It’s an immediate mood-enhancer.

If you have something on your mind, ask yourself, ‘I wonder what the solution could be?’ and then let it go. Your brain will be working on your behalf while you’re on the move. Your blood is pumping more oxygen around that body of yours, moving your muscles and keeping your organs in tip top condition; your brain included. You are literally improving your brain power as you walk. I believe that’s one of the many reasons why dogs are so damn smart, we love our walkies!

Now that you’re on the move, you’ve let go of your quandary and you’re focusing on the here and now, you’ll feel the stress and fatigue you’ve been feeling disappear. Stress is an idea-killer, so it’s filling up that solution-focused brain space of yours and not helping you to make the most of your day.

The most important reason of all to get out and embrace walkies, is because it is FUN. I’m all about the fun factor and if we don’t have some fun factored in to our Monday – and every day – then we’re missing out.

So, #TeamLuna, where are you going to go walkies today? x

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