Luna’s Woodland Adventure

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Luna’s Woodland Adventure


“It’s a lovely day for a walk in the woods and rescue dog, Luna, has so much fun that she gets lost. Join her on her adventure home as she makes new friends and discovers how brave she can be.”


That’s the blurb on the back of the book because the human wanted to sound like a proper writer. Basically, I was taken out on walkies to my favourite wood. I was having an amazing time, making sure I raced around doing zoomies and then I spotted a butterfly. I chased her. Then, I couldn’t find my human. Oops!

So, this is the story of my journey home, making new friends along the way and learning that if I ask for help and believe in myself, I’m braver than I think I am.

If you love books with positive messages and learning all built into a brilliant story, then you’ll love this book. If you don’t care about that and just want to be entertained while you get lost in a world of amazing illustrations, this is for you too. My friends and I are gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! 

Luna x


Lunas Woodland Adventure

Words by Marie Yates / Illustrated by Fiona Mackay

This quote from Albert Einstein has been a source of inspiration to me. ‘Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’ The reality is that we all have inherent value, inherent worth and the means to make a positive difference in the world, by being exactly who we are. To be able to encourage this belief with children in a way that entertains, teaches and serves as a message that will stay with them long after they close the final page is an exciting prospect. Courage, acceptance and the desire to always do our best are life lessons that we can all appreciate. (Marie Yates)


  • Paperback: 32 pages – Every page is potentially edible so keep this away from your canine friends.
  • Age Range: 5-6 years – In human years.
  • Publisher: Love Learning from Dogs Publishing House – Yep, we’re busy here at #TeamLuna.
  • Language: English – With the occasional bark, not necessarily in English. 
  • ISBN: 978-0-9957365-1-1 – No idea what this is.
  • Size: 228 x 228 mm – Just big enough for my large breed friends to eat in one go.


Some more words from the human:

Luna’s Woodland Adventure is the first book in Luna’s Adventure Series; encouraging and developing a growth mindset in children aged five-six years old. It is only through asking for help from her new woodland friends that rescue dog, Luna, can find her way home, highlighting the fact that we’re all different and we’re all uniquely placed to offer something of value to the world.

Thank you for supporting us and for getting involved with #TeamLuna. It’s only with your support that we can deliver our Canine Hope programme, supporting rescue dogs and survivors. Thanks to you, we’re one step closer to delivering another programme.

8 reviews for Luna’s Woodland Adventure

  1. Helen Harrison

    This beautiful tale of courage and perseverance captivated my 3 young children (6, 4, 4) from the very first reading and we have returned to it many times since. They were totally immersed in the story and gorgeous illustrations and really identified with the main character Luna and her positive key refrain: “I am brave, I will do my best and I believe in myself”.

    The story is thoroughly entertaining in itself, but it is wonderfully clever how so many positive messages are artfully weaved into it, for example, demonstrating how each individual has their own special talents and intrinsic value. The story convincingly shows how sharing these skills, being willing to accept help, being brave and staying calm lead to a positive outcome.

    The illustrations are mind-blowingly stunning and really bring the animal characters and their woodland setting to life. My 6-year-old was so inspired after reading the book that he took it to bed and by morning had produced pages of drawing and writing where he had copied the illustrations and pictures. I think this speaks louder than any comment I can make as an adult on the quality of this book and its great impact on intended readership!

  2. Gemma Went

    Well what a book. Jack (age 6) loved it! He is already a huge lover of dogs and has two himself, so he connected with Luna immediately.

    We talked through the concepts as we read through and he really got into it.

    I often repeat positive affirmations to him anyway during the day, but we’ve started to use some of the affirmations from the book too, particularly around self-belief (something really important to me too).

    The illustrations are beautiful and I’d love to see a series of these!

  3. Sue Manley – Teacher

    Great book. Children at my school love this and enjoy talking about what they are good at. Great for PSHE and for building resilience. Highly recommended.

  4. Shannon Collins

    “It is almost universally recognised that reading has a sustained positive impact on the cognitive, emotional and social development of young people, and stories like Luna’s Woodland Adventure are a prime example of how we can harness words to their best possible effect. Yates’s story focuses on how practical cooperation and teamwork, combined with a belief in our individual talents, can help us all grow as human beings. This is crucial for a child’s ability to understand and take part in the discourses that shape our communities. Through the repetition of keywords across successive sentences, Luna’s Woodland Adventure enforces an empowering message, and with its beautiful illustrations, this is a story sure to be delightful, uplifting, and informative for young readers.”

  5. Jess Burman (verified owner)

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this uplifting story of building resilience, choosing to be brave, kindness and celebrating the unique gifts of others – and I’m not even a child! Luna’s Woodland Adventure has stunning illustrations and a captivating story with an important message for children (and adults…) that if they keep believing in themselves and their bravery, they can overcome anything. I don’t have kids of my own yet but when I do, I’ll be making sure this one is on their bookshelves!

  6. Phil Jones – Teacher

    I have just read Luna’s Woodland Adventure and I am amazed by the messages of positivity that radiate from this book. As a primary school teacher, I believe it is of the utmost importance to share messages of hope and positivity with our children. This book provides this in a delightful and enchanting way, teaching the importance of trust and friendship. Messages of fun and dogged determination run throughout this tale of bravery but the strongest message is one of self-belief, something that is not always present with our young children coming into school. I would recommend this book to anyone, the underlying themes and the way the story has been told is affirmative and powerful.

  7. Amanda Jones

    Luna’s Woodland Adventure is an amazing book. My daughter has just started school and this is now a firm favourite at bed time. I love the way she is invested in the story from the beginning, concerned for Luna when she is lost at the beginning and smiling when she meets friends on her way home. This story is one of hope and persistence. As a parent I love the messages this book gives to her: kindness, friendship, self belief and an understanding that strengths come in all shapes and sizes.
    My 2 year old also loves this book; he can’t stop looking at the pictures! The illustrations are amazing. The small animals come to life as the illustrations perfectly complement the story; they are both charming and captivating. The emotions portrayed on the faces of the animals are real; I especially love Luna’s face when she is talking to Bella (their expressions are priceless) and her joy when she is reunited with her human.
    I can’t recommend this book enough. It is rare to find a children’s book with such positive messages that entertains in the way this one does. The take away message is ‘I am brave, I will do my best and I believe in myself’ – I can’t think of a better message for our children!

  8. Mrs. J. L. Hinds

    Really lovely thought out book, with a lovely story that helps children understand that everyone has different abilities and that’s ok and to help children understand how to be brave, do their best and believe in themselves.

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