#TeamLuna Small Bandana for Dogs


This doggy bandana is about as cool as it gets! Your dog is your supporter, your teacher and your lifelong friend and as the most resilient member of your family, they’re already part of #TeamLuna. This is your chance to make it official.

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** SMALL #TeamLuna Bandana **

This exceptionally cool #TeamLuna bandana is for my very small canine friends. Some humans describe them as toy breeds but you and I both know that there’s no way they should be described as toys. They are dogs and they deserve a bandana.

If you have a larger dog… or a much larger dog… you can find medium and large versions especially for them.

In the pic, you’ll find the biggest and smallest versions modelled for your viewing pleasure. The tops of the bandanas can be rolled for the perfect fit, just make sure you ask a human to do that because, well, thumbs are useful.


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