Work In Progress Medium Bandana for Dogs


Have you ever heard a human explain their dog’s behaviour by saying ‘oh, they’re a rescue…’? Well, this is your dog’s turn to explain your behaviour! ‘Sorry about my human, they’re a work in progress.’

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** MEDIUM ‘We’re All A Work In Progress’ Bandana **

This exceptionally cool bandana is for my medium-sized canine friends. You know, the collie-type folk, the staffies and the pointy ones who put us all to shame with their super-fast zoomies.

If you have a smaller dog… or a much larger dog… you can find teeny-tiny and huge versions especially for them.

In the pic, you’ll find the biggest and smallest versions modelled for your viewing pleasure. The tops of the bandanas can be rolled for the perfect fit, just make sure you ask a human to do that because, well, thumbs are useful.


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