Team Luna

I’m Luna, a rescue dog on a mission. Like you, I’ve had my ruff days but just because I’m a ‘rescue’ dog doesn’t mean I’ve done anything wrong. It just means I’ve been let down by humans. We all know how that feels, don’t we?

I was shouted at, I was hurt, I was told I was ‘bad’ and I was told that nobody would ever love me. I was locked in the garden with no way out and I thought that was how my life would always be.

Until, one day, I was taken to a rescue centre. I was given food, a bed, some toys and a human sat with me until I was ready for some fuss. I wasn’t sure at first, the only humans I’d ever known had hurt me. Would this human be the same?

She talked to me, softly and she told me that everything was going to be ok. ‘You can stay here until you’re ready to go to your forever home with a family who’ll love you.

I learned to trust my new human friend; she stroked me, played with me and taught me that humans could be kind. I learned that I was never ‘bad’ and that actually, I am very loveable.

I am still frightened at times, I have moments when I feel the need to bark and sometimes I can be a little bit grumpy but luckily for me, I’ve found a human who loves me just the way I am.

My human has been let down too, she has experienced tough times and yet like me – and just like you – she has survived 100% of her ruff days.

We can all be frightened at times, we all have moments when we might bark a little bit too much and we can definitely all be grumpy, but whatever we’ve been through; we’re brave, we’re doing our best and we believe in ourselves, right?

If you shouted ‘RIGHT’ in response to that then you’re already a member of #TeamLuna. If you want to be able to shout ‘RIGHT’ in response to that, then trust me, you’re already a member too.

#TeamLuna is for all you humans out there who, like me and my rescue dog friends, are not aiming for perfect, we’re aiming for REAL!

Members of #TeamLuna are survivors; we are all a work in progress.